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报 ?告 人:田礼成 博士

Director of Medical Services East Central Regional Hospital Augusta


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Dr. Licheng Tian is a senior physician working and living in Augusta, Georgia, USA. He graduated from Shanxi Medical University in 1982. After a brief teaching career in Shanxi Medical University, he went to America to pursue further education and research experience. He received his PhD degree in 1994 in Immunology from Albany Medical College, a private medical college in Albany, New York (Albany is the capital of New York State). Dr. Tian did two years of postdoctoral fellowship in Wadsworth Research Center and The VA Medical Center at Albany and also passed his Medical License Exams during the period. He went to Augusta, ?Georgia in 1997 to do residency training in Department of Internal Medicine, Medical College of Georgia and received his physician medical license in 1999. He has been board certified in internal medicine and a member of American College of Physicians (a professional organization of physicians in Internal Medicine). ?While in his residency training, Dr. Tian also started to work in East Central Regional Hospital (ECRH, a state psychiatric hospital) and gain more experience in psychiatric field.

After finishing his residency training, Dr. Tian was hired in 2001 by University Hospital at Augusta, a private hospital,to attend and manager one of its community health centers. ?Dr. Tian moved to ECRH in 2003 as its medical consultant and later became Director of Medical Services and ?has been in charge of medical care and consult, infection prevention and control, and employee health for the whole hospital. He also has worked for VA Medical Center at Augusta as a psychiatrist for last 15 years to manage acute psychiatric patients. ? Dr. Tian's current professional interests are the roles of immune system in various disease processes, psychiatric evaluation and treatment, clinical and social psychology.

Dr. Tian was also actively participating in advocacy for people with mental health illness and developmental disabilities. He was appointed by the Governor of Georgia State in 2001 as a board member of Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities and served for six years. He also served in other disability advocacy organizations at the local and the state levels.