“Understanding China” Series Lecture Held ——Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases

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On Nov. 16th, 2018, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases lecture was held for international student in British Cultural Center, located in second floor of Life Sciences Building #3. Dr. Nuo TANG, director of Department of Cardiology, Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited to give the talk. Staff Yanhong ZHANG, Peiqi LUO and Fang LI attended the lecture.



At beginning of the lecture, Dr. Tang embarked from Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and gave a brief introduction of basic theories in TCM. He elaborated the dynamic balance of Yin and Yang contained in the Eight Trigrams, the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) and their corresponding organs in human body; followed by explaining how to discern pathological changes that is taking place in the body, how to find meridians and acupuncture points and so forth. In addition, Dr.Tang used cardiovascular diseases as an example to illustrate how a TCM prescription take effect to cure the disease in TCM theory. In the end, Dr Tang shared a classic book of TCM Treatise on Febrile Diseases for those who were interested in learning more.


During the Q&A section, some international students asked questions about the implication of the five elements based on the diagram picture and opinions of TCM on diabetes and cancers.The lecture is then ended with a group photo of Dr. Tang, school staff members and participating international students.



“Understanding China” lecture gave our international students another window to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine as well as to inspires their reflection on the cultural difference between China and the West in terms of medicine.


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