Jinwei Zhu

Tenure-track Associate Professor

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Selected Publications

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    1. Lin L, Shi Y, Wang M, Wang C, Zhu J*, and Zhang R*. (2019) Rab35/ACAP2 and Rab35/RUSC2 Complex Structures Reveal Molecular Basis for Effector Recognition by Rab35 GTPase. Structure 27(5):729-740. (Lead contact).
    2. Weng Z, Situ C, Lin L, Wu Z, Zhu J*, and Zhang R* (2019) Structure of BAI1/ELMO2 complex reveals an action mechanism of adhesion GPCRs via ELMO family scaffolds. Nat Commun 10(1):51.
    3. Weng Z, Shang Y, Ji Z, Ye F, Lin L, Zhang R* and Zhu J* (2018) Structural basis of highly specific interaction between Nephrin and MAGI1 in slit diaphragm assembly and signaling. J Am Soc Nephrol 29(9):2362-2371.
    4. Weng Z, Shang Y, Yao D, Zhu J*, and Zhang R* (2018) Structural basis of KANK1/KIF21A complex in crosstalk between dynamic microtubule and cell cortex. J Biol Chem 293(1):215-225.
    5. Zhu J#, Zhou Q#, Shang Y, Peng M, Weng Z, Zhang R, Huang X, Li S, Feng G, Zhang M*. (2017) Synaptic targeting and function of SAPAPs mediated by phosphorylation-dependent binding to PSD-95 MAGUKs. Cell Rep 21(13):3781-3793.
    6. Xia Y#, Shang Y#, Zhang R, and Zhu J* (2017) Structure of PSD95/MAP1A complex reveals unique target recognition mode of MAGUK GK domain. Biochem J 474(16):2817-2828.

    7. Zhu J#*, Shang Y#, Xia Y, Zhang R, Zhang M* (2016) An Atypical MAGUK GK Target Recognition Mode Revealed by the Interaction between DLG and KIF13B. Structure 24(11):1876-1885.

    8. Zhu J, Shang Y, and Zhang M* (2016) Mechanistic Basis of MAGUKs-organized Complexes in Synaptic Development and Signalling. Nat Rev Neurosci 17(4):209-23.
    9. Zhu J#, Shang Y#, Wan Q, Xia Y, Chen J, Du Q, and Zhang M*. (2014) Phosphorylation-dependent interaction between tumor suppressors Dlg and Lgl. Cell Res 24:451–463.
    10. Pan Z#, Zhu J#, Shang Y#, Wei Z, Jia M, Xia C, Wen W, Wang W*, Zhang M*. (2013) An auto-inhibited conformation of LGN reveals a distinct interaction mode between the GoLoco motifs and TPR motifs. Structure 21, 1007–1017.
    11. Zhu J, Shang Y, Chen J, Zhang M*. (2012) Structure and function of GK domains of MAGUK family proteins. Front Biol 7(5): 379–396 (invited review, cover paper).
    12. Zhu J#, Shang Y#, Xia C, Wang W, Wen W*, Zhang M*. (2011) Guanylate kinase domains of the MAGUK family scaffold proteins as specific phospho-protein binding modules. EMBO J 30:4986–4997.
    13. Zhu J#, Wen W#, Zheng Z, Shang Y, Wei Z, Xiao Z, Pan Z, Du Q*, Wang W*, Zhang M* (2011) LGN/mInsc and LGN/NuMA complex structures suggest distinct functions in asymmetric cell division for the Par3/mInsc/LGN and Gαi/LGN/NuMA pathways. Mol Cell 43: 418–431.